Un autre freebie que Mush offre désormais gratuitement est ce mix, signé Thavius, assemblé en 2009 à l’occasion des 10ans du label californien. 2 parties pour 2 visages de cette maison désormais emblématique. La deuxième face (en écoute) révèle le penchant électro hip hop en regroupant les tracks de Curse ov dialect, Busdriver ou encore Nocando. Tout ça mixé grâce au talent que l’on connait de Thavius et son launchpad.

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Tracklist après le saut

CD 1
Intro (Asleep) – Pedro / Aberriw – Bibio / Painting Monsters – Qua / Before We Go To Bed – Head Like A Kite / La Semilla (The Seed) – Devendra Banhart / Sun Shining/Eclipsed – S.E.V.A. / Sending You Colors – Caural / Polska – Fisk Industries / Birds – Lymbyc Systym / Artificial Sparks Of The Electrical Stripping – Octavius / Violet – Boy In Static / Victory Hold Still – Scientific American / Traptivity – Andre Afram Asmar / Sawtooth EKG – Daedelus / Sleepy Tigers – Her Space Holiday / This About The City – cLOUDDEAD / Bright Stars – Daedelus / Vlugt (And More For You) – Loden / Magpie Will Peck A Hole In My Plaster Cast – 4 Bonjour’s Parties / As Tommy Fixes Fights – Clue To Kalo / Girl Problem (Stereolab Remix) – Her Space Holiday / Sundown (Lulu Mushi Remix) – Daedelus

CD 2
All Cultures – Curse Ov Dialect / Map Your Psyche – Busdriver Feat. Abstract Rude / Supa Nigga – Bigg Jus / Big Bang – Aesop Rock / Dead Dogs Two (Boards Of Canada Remix) – cLOUDDEAD / He’s Back – Thavius Beck / Just Listen – K-The-I??? / Paper, Boxcutter, Rock – Villain Accelerate / What Lurks In The Darkness – Thavius Beck / The True Believer – Antimc Feat. Saafir / Winter Life – Listener / Life’s Endless Cycle Pt. 1  – The Opus / Fear & Resilience (Danger Mouse) – Pedro / Grimey Styles – Blue Sky Black Death Feat. Mikah-9 / Carl Weathers – Busdriver & Radioinacive With Daedelus / Quest – Neutrino / Baby Tank – Eliot Lipp / No Time To Chill – Labtekwon / Listen Young Stunners – Head Like A Kite / Balance – iD And Sleeper / The Livestock Rock – Jel / Feet Upon The Sand – Nobody & Mystic Chords Of Memory / Up – Omid / Me And People – Boom Bip & Doseone / Stop Me Equals Death – Radioinactive And Antimc / 800×600 – Qua


We’re really proud to welcome the 25 years old producer Sean Cullen for the 16th episode of our 1時 Mix Series. Born & raised in Chicago, the beatmaker has been releasing music under the name SEENMR since he was 18 : « over the last 7 years I’ve been hopping around the country, creating wherever I go. »

Today, he offers us to listen to a very personal collection of sounds. « This mix is a collection of sounds from all my friends making beautiful music. Y’all continue to inspire me to no end. Shout out to the young ho collective and the sun. Peace »

By the way, you should listen to SEENMR 5 great albums on Bandcamp : Gypsy Weed Beat Tape, Chinatown Tape, Home., Sound Shaman Tape & Tenderloin Tape.

Soundcloud | Bandcamp | Tumblr


#MDNTMRDR, la sixième édition des live sessions du Mellotron s’installe à la Flèche d’Or Paris vendredi 14 novembre en compagnie de Daedelus, Anushka et Soulist. La belle affiche.
On t’invite, par simple mail à pierre☺oneoclock.net avec pour objet #MDNTMRDR. Les gagnants seront prévenus vendredi au plus tard.

La Flèche d’Or – 102 bis rue de Bagnolet, Paris | 19:00 – 01:00 | Event Facebook | Réservations | LeMellotron.com | Replay video

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Taylor Mc Ferrin

Taylor Mc Ferrin, le toujours jeune et frais talent de Brainfeeder revient à la Bellevilloise ce Mercredi 29 Octobre pour un concert durant lequel il présentera son premier album sorti chez l’écurie de Flying Lotus en juin dernier.

Si vous ne le connaissez pas encore (ce qui est parait improbable) Taylor Mc Ferrin est à la fois pianiste, dj, multi instrumentiste et rappeur. Son arrivée chez Brainfeeder à l’occasion de Ryat avait marqué le point d’entrée du label vers une dimension plus instrumentale et moins auto centrée sur l’introspection psyché façon strange loop ou encore Mono/Poly (pas de blague ici nous sommes toujours fans de ces mecs)

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« I need to hear some substance and depth in music. Definitely some emotion. Thats why I really dig the songs I included in the mix. »

We’re really proud to welcome TMCT for our fifteenth mix as we got a lot in common with the guy from Leeds, lover of rawness and huge Soul, Jazz, Brazilian and of course Hip-Hop fan as we are. TMCT (or Tomcat) also runs a small tape label called Acorn Tapes (Mark Aubert, Sir Froderick), specialising in quality digital and cassette releases.

Go on Bandcamp and listen to Acorn’s first three releases waiting for the next ones to come – « Lots of things in the pipeline with that ». But first, you should check this exclusive OCK mix, maybe the finest one we had the chance to host.

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